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​Commercial and Residential Landscape Services

General Exterminating and Outdoor Services is happy to announce that we now offer commercial and residential landscape services.  With the addition of our landscape services we are now able to provide our customers with even more property maintenance.  

Here are some of the maintenance programs we now offer:

Lawn Maintenance- We will set the client up on weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing depending on the customer needs.  Our lawn mowing includes bagging and disposing of grass clippings, string trimming around mailboxes, fences, flower beds, or any other obstacle that mowers can not get to.  Sidewalks, driveways, patios will be edged and blown off.  This service is offered April through October weather permitting and is billed monthly, unless otherwise discussed.

Fall Clean up-  Our fall clean up consists of removing and disposing of leaves and sticks from the property (lawn, flower beds, etc).  Perennials will be cut back, and upon the customer request we will do a final mow for the season.

Spring Clean up-   All leaves, sticks, down branches, and debris that have built up over the winter months will be raked up and blown out of the yard and flower beds for disposal.  Flower beds will be weeded and weeds will be disposed of.  (New mulch can be applied upon customer request)

Bed MaintenanceWe will meet with the customer to come up with a specific plan for what is requested.  We offer weekly, biweekly, and monthly bed maintenance programs.  These programs include weeding, pruning dead areas of bushes to promote healthy growth, removal of debris (branches, leaves, etc) , and beds will be edged and string trimmed around.  

Other Services:




 -Bed Edging

 -Bed installation